Meet Susan Moseley of Moseley Investment Management, Inc. - Financial Advisor in Southwest Florida

“Every successful family has a unique story about gaining and building their wealth,” says Susan Moseley, the founder and president of Moseley Investment Management. “Understanding our clients’ personal values and incorporating them into their portfolio and estate plans is at the center of what drives our firm.”

For more than 25 years, Moseley and her team have been serving Gulf Coast clients from offices in Bradenton and Sarasota. Today, the firm’s experienced financial professionals include Ryan Moseley, economic research analyst, Dina Villalobos, chief compliance officer, Laurie Tinnell, portfolio manager, Allyson Jenks, relationship manager, and Linda Richards, office assistant.

Every day, Moseley and her colleagues listen carefully to the global financial news to uncover the key trends that may affect her client’s portfolios. “The markets are constantly changing, and every morning we have a new puzzle to put together,” says Moseley. “Being nimble is incredibly important in today’s world, and our experienced professionals stay on top of the market so we can identify potential opportunities and minimize pending risks for our clients.”

Moseley began her career in the investment industry in 1979 as a stock analyst for a national firm. She moved to Bradenton in 1982, married attorney Thomas Moseley and began raising their three children. She continued her career, and became one of the first women to earn the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) designation from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

In 1990, Moseley achieved her own dream of opening her independent investment advisory firm, and providing conflict-free investment and wealth management services to clients with taxable estates. Through the years, Moseley has won national recognition for her client services, and was listed in the Top 40 Women Winner’s Circle by Research Magazine, an independent publication, in 2005.
A frequent speaker on topics like portfolio risk management at national investment management conferences, Moseley has been invited to the Barron’s Top Women Financial Advisors Summit in 2016 – the fifth time she has participated –and will be a featured speaker at the summit in 2017.

“We take a very personal approach to managing wealth, based on what’s important to our clients,” Moseley says. “After all, each family has a different set of goals and risk tolerances, so even if they have an equivalent net worth, their investment portfolios may look completely different. That’s very different from a firm that simply follows an asset allocation formula and only focuses on the numbers.”

For example, a client with substantial commercial real estate properties might benefit from adding equities or other assets that could be sold quickly, if necessary. On the other hand, a retired CEO whose portfolio consists largely of company stock could reallocate some of those shares other types of assets to diversify the portfolio and reduce market risk. Moseley also knows the size of a portfolio is only one indicator of wealth.

“Our clients have the ability to support their families, communities and charitable organizations,” she says. “They share our belief in impact investing: Using what they have built during a lifetime to create a better world for the future.”

Susan Moseley is an excellent listener. She pays close attention to the hopes, dreams and fears of her clients, before designing a financial strategy designed specifically to meet their needs.

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