Estate and Inheritance Planning

Planning for the future of your family, not just the future of your money.

What is Inheritance Planning?

Inheritance Planning is a process which fosters family/beneficiary communication, a shared vision, trust, and mentorship which can foster all six types of inheritance: financial, relational, spiritual, community, heritage, and intellectual.

Ask yourself, what is the value to you of keeping your money in the family? What is the value of you keeping your family together? When is that last time your kids successfully worked together? Are they prepared for the financial and emotional responsibility of their inheritance? Unfortunately, many people do not ask themselves these questions, which is why 90% of all traditional estate and inheritance planning fails.

Inheritance Planning creates real meaning. It allows you to equip your family and beneficiaries with the tools they will need to honor your wishes and your vision for your inheritance. Rather than the inheritance being gone within 3-7 years, your inheritance can create value, purpose, and impact through multiple generations.

The values in which you live by are the most important asset, and the greatest inheritance you will leave your children.

Initial Inheritance Planning Steps with Tom Moseley, Attorney at Law

Alignment Conversation:

A 1-2 hour meeting to clarify the desired outcomes for you and your family, both now and in the future, and an outline of the “next steps” to achieve those outcomes.

Family Alignment Day:
A one-day customized family meeting designed to provide clarity for your family going forward through education and exercises. By the end of the Family Alignment Day, the family will have defined its purpose, identified areas of common vision and values, and set priorities for the future. They will also learn how to enhance communication within the family. Families have commended that this day was on of the most impactful days they have ever spent together.

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